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Drool! It's not a pest, it’s a feature!
Predator allows you to execute unlimited tests, with an unlimited number of instances, and with an unlimited number of virtual users - all while using your own Kubernetes cluster resources!

Mickey the Predator… GROWL!
Built for the Cloud

Predator is built to take advantage of Kubernetes and DC/OS. It’s integrated with those platforms and is able to manage the load generator lifecycles by itself.

One-click Installation

Predator can be installed with just one click in Kubernetes and DC/OS, or on any other machine running Docker.

Distributed Load

Predator supports an unlimited number of load generators that produce multiple load runners concurrently. Predator will aggregate the result of those runners in real-time into a beautiful report.

Five Storage Backends

Predator provides out-of-the box functionality for persisting data in Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL and SQLITE.

Install Predator via

Install through Helm

Install through Universe

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Predator whisperers

Eli Nudler

Tech Lead at PayU

Niv Lipetz

Software Engineer at PayU

Dina Yakovlev

Software Engineer at PayU

Manor Lahagani

Software Engineer at PayU

Or Frenekl

Software Engineer at PayU

Arnon Borensztajn

Developer Documentation Writer at PayU
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